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AV Hire and Production

Your gateway to unforgettable experiences! Elevate your event with our top-notch audio, visual, and production services. From crisp sound systems to dazzling lighting displays, our expert team ensures every moment captivates your audience. Trust BA Events to transform your vision into a mesmerizing reality. Unleash the power of extraordinary events today!


Audio, visual, and lighting are vital for events as they create immersive experiences, enhance ambiance, and evoke emotions. They captivate audiences, amplify messages, and leave lasting impressions, making events truly unforgettable.


The audio of your event is the most important. We can provide the audio infrastructure in the shape of speakers, microphones and cabling to ensure your event sounds great.


It's important you select the right TVs, projects or video walls to display content at your event. We can help you display your media in any venue.


The lighting of your event is important to create the right atmoshere and ambience. The lighting of your event is also a great way to engage your crowd.


We can provide staging solutions for a range of venues from standard staging sets to custom build platforms.

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  • Lighting
  • Staging
Charlotte Todd Director of Marketing and Communications

CMAC Group’s company-wide ‘one team meetings’ are an important part of our internal communications strategy, ensuring that everyone is aligned on our goals and the plans for getting there.  Our mission is to make sure that employees feel appreciated, listened to and part of one team. This year we‘ve partnered with BA Events ensure our remote workers and those located across Europe have the same awesome experience as employees attending in person.

Rachel Evans Stakeholder Engagement Manager (Interim) - West Midlands Rail Executive

We commissioned BA Events because from the outset they got fully immersed into understanding what the GRC wanted to achieve from this event. They demonstrated professionalism and commitment at every stage to maximise benefits and outcomes for both the GRC and event stakeholders. BA Events were pivotal to making the event a very successful GRC launch and the proof was in the electric and positive atmosphere on the day. The after event care by BA Events was also brilliant.

Lucy Wootton Head of Grand Railway Collaboration

BA Events are more than just an events company. They really managed the event seamlessy from start to end. They really get under the skin of exactly what it is we need from them and the outputs that we’re looking at for the day. And because they’d done the first event they were familiar with what we did the previous year and worked with us to ensure that we didn’t deliver the same event again. There were some differences to help keep it exciting and rngaging for those that were in attendance. And they also took the pressure off ourselves in terms of their delivery on the day. They brought a lot of energy into the room and they realy got people engaged.

Dean Johnson Programme Support Officer at Rail Delivery Group

Rail Delivery Group used BA Events’ expertise and support to successfully deliver our first purely online rail industry performance seminar in March. BA Events are a very professional company and we found them to be very pleasant to work with and efficient in delivery.  They were able to provide software options and utilise their extensive experience in the use of various online collaboration systems and tools to up-skill the core team, supported the seminar presenters and provided tech support of the day for our 150+ delegates in the use of web-based technology too. BA Events also showed good project management discipline in co-coordinating the event with us, ensuring the event ran to time and cost, with the desired quality outcome.

Lucy Hill Programme Support Officer at Transport for West Midlands

I can absolutely recommend BA Events; they did a brilliant job designing and hosting our virtual away day and we’re very pleased with the results! Their approach was thoughtful, fun and engaging – a real pleasure to work with.

Sam Uren Engineering Director - SLC Rail

We’ve worked with BA Events for many years and we’re always impressed with Luke’s creativity, enthusiasm and drive. 2020 was a difficult year where we had to adapt our organisation quickly to remote working and introduce new digital tools and technologies. What has made this easier for us was working with a company like BA Events, who consistently came up with ideas to increase employee engagement and has made it possible for us to run our events schedule online. Luke has enabled us to keep the SLC culture alive and stay connected with each other.

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