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CMAC is a leading ground transport company that provides exceptional transportation services across various sectors, including events, corporate travel, and tourism. They are a growing business with offices in the UK and internationally.

  • 30/01/2023
  • CMAC Group

The Challenge

CMAC has expanded its services and teams across Europe, with offices and employees in Spain, Greece and Portugal. 

Alongside this they employ remote workers situated across the U.K. & Ireland. 

In 2022 CMAC launched their quarterly ‘one team’ meetings with the purpose to share business performance and company updates with all 270+ employees together and encourage two-way conversations. 

This was launched as a hybrid business update to ensure that everyone could attend, connect and receive information at the same time.  

Whilst CMAC’s ‘in the room’ attendees enjoyed the sessions, those joining online had a less positive experience. 

CMAC had been using Microsoft Teams for their hybrid events, the limited functionality of the software and the set-up of the room often meant that online attendees couldn’t hear or see the speakers very well and didn’t feel they were able to interact with the event – it was a very long 90 minutes for them!

The Solution

To better engage their teams, CMAC partnered with BA Events to improve their quarterly one team meetings. 

BA Events set up an online hub for CMAC employees to see information prior to the company-wide meeting. This was also the gateway to join virtually (using a passcode issued by CMAC), from anywhere in the world, and engage throughout the meeting. 

The BA Events team set up cameras, lighting and AV equipment to facilitate a professional hybrid meeting format that allowed CMAC’s team members to attend the company-wide meeting either in-person or virtually using their laptops or mobile devices.

To ensure that attendees remained engaged and informed during the event BA Events set up interactive tools such as live polls, quizzes, and Q&A during the one team meetings. 

Following the meeting, team members could leave feedback in real-time, access the live stream, information about the event and the recording through the online hub. 

The Results

The new format of the hybrid one team meetings organised by BA Events has been a huge success. 

Attendees joining online were able to see and clearly hear the speakers and their presentation – this resulted in increased participation during the ‘ask us anything’ session. 

The ease of participation, through polls etc, also helped improve the two-way communications and engagement throughout the meeting – making it a more joined-up meeting than previous and a great experience for all team members regardless of their location or work schedule. 

The recording from the event and data collected through the interactivity in the meeting can also be used by CMAC as a resource to track KPI’s. 

Following the event, CMAC’s online attendees rated the visuals 9 out of 10, previously this was rated 3 out of 10. 

Below is their feedback: 

“So much better than the first one team meeting virtually, felt like I was actually part of it!”

“It was miles better!! It was great to see the slides in real-time and everything looked really professional.” 

“A much better experience!” 

Overall, the hybrid one team meetings have enabled CMAC to deliver effective updates, keeping all team members informed and engaged about the progress made within the business, and overcoming the challenges previously faced with limited functionality of Microsoft Teams.

Charlotte ToddDirector of Marketing and Communications

CMAC Group’s company-wide ‘one team meetings’ are an important part of our internal communications strategy, ensuring that everyone is aligned on our goals and the plans for getting there.  Our mission is to make sure that employees feel appreciated, listened to and part of one team. This year we‘ve partnered with BA Events ensure our remote workers and those located across Europe have the same awesome experience as employees attending in person.

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