When organising virtual or hybrid events, you have two options where your online attendees watch the event.

  • An off the shelf event platform or another tool that enables live streaming (like YouTube).
  • A custom-designed and developed event platform.

We have worked to develop event platforms for BA Events clients, our clients say they love the “ability to decide exactly what attendees see”.

But, here are 5 reasons to develop a bespoke event platform.

Custom design and styling

You can completely design and style the event platform so that it looks exactly how you like.


We host our event platforms on a UK server, all the event platforms have SSL certificates and we have developers in our team to resolve any issues.


We can design the event platform to the latest accessible design standards and ensure the platform is responsive on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Integrate tools

We are able to integrate a wide range of tools into our event platforms including Slido, Wonder for networking, Calendy and many more.

User friendly

Then the final one – which is a common theme throughout this post, we can take all your feedback to change the event platform in whatever way you require to ensure it is user friendly.

28 / 01 / 2022

Why create a bespoke event platform for your events?

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