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A lot of people ask us what to put on their event checklist.

We start with a great booked called ‘The Checklist Manifesto: how to get things right“. This book explains the importance of checklists and how when not used effectively in hospitals it can lead to tragic circumstances.

We’ve witnessed events where many mistakes are made on the event day because there isn’t a checklist being used by the person organising the event.

So, here are 4 practical tips about when you may want to consider using a checklist.


Venue set-up

As you arrive at a venue on an event day it can be overwhelming all the things that need to be done when you are setting up.

Develop a checklist of everything that needs to be set-up across your registration area, reception area, in your main room and in syndicate rooms.


Checking the tech

Develop a checklist of all the tech that needs to be tested – this could be ensuring that all videos and audio are playing through your PA system, all microphones are working, your internet is working and all software is working.


Briefing speakers

As speakers arrive at the venue ensure you are taking them to one side to give a quick technical briefing. The speakers at your event may be busy and as such it’s important to keep things simple. We always try to keep things into 3 simple messages, for example:

  • You’re talking at 1pm, you will be welcome to the stage and please walk to the stage
  • We will put a microphone on your before you talk
  • You will be able to advance your slides with a clicker and you will be able to see your slides behind the lectern


Pack away to ensure you haven’t forgotten something

A checklist can be helpful when you are packing away. It is likely by this stage of your event you will be tired and all you can think about is your bed. This is where a checklist can come in really handy to ensure you haven’t forgotten any of your kit.


For anything else regarding your events, feel free to get in touch!

14 / 07 / 2022

What to put on an event checklist

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