What are pre-recorded events?

A pre-recorded event is where you film an event which is then played back at a later date but appears to the user that it is live.

How do they work?

To make your pre-recorded event look authentic your host and any other presenters/contributors need to make sure they don’t act like they are talking on a video and act like they are talking on a live event. For example, it is important they say ‘good morning’ if the event is going to played in the morning and not ‘good afternoon’ just because the pre-recording happened in the afternoon.

It is also important to do it in one take and in the instance of the event we are filming today, with one camera angle.

What are pre-recorded events used for?

A pre-recorded event can be useful for a few reasons – if the event needs to be filmed from a location with poor internet, if presenters are not available on the main event day or in the instance of the event we are filming today, the cameras being used need to move around a location so doing the event pre-recorded reduces risk.

Surely pre-recorded events are not as interactive?

If planned effectively pre-recorded events can be as interactive as live ones. It all comes down to planning. For example, in your script for the pre-recorded event consider asking your audience to complete a poll, answer a question in the chat or even pop something onto a word-cloud.

And remember, not all of your event needs to be pre-recorded, you could have certain sections pre-recorded and others live.

26 / 01 / 2022

What are pre-recorded events?

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