Let’s face it, we all sometimes have to run events on a budget. It might be an event you have never ran before and you need to prove the concept or your resources have been cut back.

We have a few tips of things you can do to run an event on a budget and maximise the benefits.

Considering moving online

The cheapest way of running an event is to do it online. This removes a lot of costs from the event. One of the single biggest costs of running an event is the food and venue costs. These can be taken away if you run the event online.

A carefully planned online event can still be as interactive as a physical event. In fact, by using polls, the chat box and getting your attendees to engage – you can make it even more interactive.

Run a hybrid event

A hybrid event is where a percentage of your attendees take part in the event in person and the remaining take part remotely.

This will enable you to create a series of ‘VIP’, if you like, in person tickets and then the remaining tickets will be online.

Run an evening event

It has become common practise now for venues to not offer half day packages. This is because most venues now offer a ‘day delegate rate’ package which is the cost per delegate.

So – a great way of running a cheaper event is by running an evening event. The ‘free drink’ upon arrival can be a tempting way of getting people to attend too!

Obtain a corporate sponsorship

If your event has high profile speakers, attendees that are key decision makers or could generate positive PR – it might be worth considering a corporate sponsor.

At BA Events we have helped many of our clients fund their events through corporate sponsorship. An event is a great way to market a brand. If you are looking for a bit of extra cash for your event, find a company who would benefit from sponsoring your event and has the same values as you. Then make a pitch to them, setting out clearly how sponsoring your event would be good for their brand.

23 / 04 / 2020

Three tips for running an event on a budget

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