Today (07 March 2020) BA Events has launched its new ‘socially conscious events’ plan. The event sector is increasingly becoming better at sustainability and operating in a more ethical way.

This plan sets out 11 commitments to make events more socially conscious. These commitments include things such as sustainability, making events more accessible for people with disabilities and using small business.

Luke Bodin, Director at BA Events said “I spent January 2020 in South East Asia. I was inspired about the steps being taken to protect our planet by the businesses in Asia. This was an opportunity for me to think about how socially conscious BA Events is as a business. I have decided it’s time that we make sure our events make a positive difference to the planet and the people that live here. This socially conscious events plan is about so much more than protecting the environment, it is also about protecting people and making our events as inclusive and accessible as possible.”

The full plan can be read here.

07 / 03 / 2020

BA Events sets the way for socially concious events

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