Reduce environmental impact of events and work

At BA Events, we deliver impact, but when it comes to the planet and being socially responsible, we are constantly trying to reduce our environmental impact to make the world a better place.

In this article, we’ve compiled 5 things around reducing environmental impact at events.


Encourage the use of public transport

Many of our clients are public transport companies – so using public transport is a very natural choice. You can offer sustainable journey planning tools within your event information for all event delegates to get to venues. In addition to this, try to pick venues that are accessible by public transport.

Using local suppliers that have net zero targets

Not only will this enable you to do something good for your local community and enable you to use SMEs, but this will also reduce shipping. Another great way to reduce your environmental impact is by using suppliers with net-zero objectives.


Explore hybrid events

A hybrid event allows a mixed in-person and online audience all to engage in your event live.

Hybrid events not only make your event more accessible, but they also have the provision to reduce the number of journeys being made by online attendees.


Not using single use plastic

A policy that seems to have been relaxed due to the covid pandemic, however ensuring you don’t use single-use plastic at your events is key. We always look at venues that can offer alternatives to single-use plastic.


Cutting down on wasted paper

We have rapidly worked to change the behaviours around the use of paper at events.

We encourage the use of QR codes to enable delegates to access event resources online. This is also a great way to improve the accessibility of your event materials enabling delegates to view the materials online in a range of formats.


If you can think of anything else that you do at your events to reduce your environmental impact then let us know, we love to share new ideas!

13 / 07 / 2022

How to reduce environmental impact at your events

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