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A big question a lot of people ask us is, “How do I reach more people to sign-up and attend my event?”

So, here are our top tips to deliver a well attended event.


Updated stakeholder database

If you keep an updated stakeholder database this can massively boost the total amount of people that sign-up for your event. If you review this regularly adding in information such as who has been to your previous events this can enable you to create a strategic plan for your event registration process.


Compelling microsite

An Eventbrite or a form does not work as well as a custom event microsite for enabling you to showcase your event programme, speakers and allowing people to register for your event.

The microsite can be designed in your brand, include whatever information you wish and geared towards converting users into registrants for your event.


Simple sign-un process

It is important the sign-up process is simple for your event. Although you can tempted to ask registrants lots of questions to find out more about them, just remember that the more questions to less likely it is for users to fill in for the form fields and register for your event.


Ability to add event to diary

A really key part of any good event sign-up process which will guarantee you more event attendees, is ensuring that as soon as attendees have registered for the event, they have the ability to add the event to their diary. The tool AddEvent is a great piece of software that enables you to do this. If your event is in your attendees diaries, they are much more likely to attend.


Reminders and post sign-up marketing

As soon as attendees have signed up for your event you want to ensure they receive a confirmation email. You can then drip feed reminder emails to attendees as speakers are confirmed and details become available about your event.


If you’d like to discuss how to reach more people to sign-up and attend your event, feel free to get in touch!

13 / 07 / 2022

How to reach more people to sign-up and attend your event

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