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Obtaining sponsors for your event can be a great way to bridge that funding gap and provide great value for your sponsor.

However, there are certain things you can do to maximise the value your sponsors get from your event.


Event microsite

Rather than using a form or Eventbrite we always suggest building a custom event microsite for your event. This event microsite can include information about your sponsors, a video from sponsors and a direct link to your sponsors websites.


Offer them an opportunity to talk directly to your audience

From experience of negotiating event sponsorship agreements, the one thing that stands out as a key selling point of an event sponsorship package is having the ability to present directly to the audience.

Ensure your sponsor has an opportunity to present at your event.


Ensure their branding is on all event resources

You will want to ensure your sponsors branding is on all event resources, the microsite, the roller banners, the slides, the social media posts, the handouts, the post event video and in any press releases.


Cautiously make them feel part of the planning process

Whilst keeping in mind this is ultimately your event and you are the final decision maker, it is always good to keep your sponsor involved in the event planning process. This could be as simple as making them aware when speakers are confirmed, keeping them up to speed with registrations or making them aware of any post event feedback.


Measure success

The final thing is to measure success. If you have the sponsors website on your microsite then ensure it’s a trackable link, ensure you give the sponsor an overview of who attended the event and insights into the exposure/eyes on their brand.


If you’d like to discuss how to give your event sponsors great value or anything else around events, feel free to get in touch.

13 / 07 / 2022

How to give your event sponsors great value

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