Want people to take notice of your messaging and instantly recognise your event? Graphics can be used to help catch the attention of your audience and enhance the overall look and feel of your event, making a memorable and lasting impact.

Wayfinding signage

Visual signage is essential for communicating information with your event attendees. Effective use of typography and hierarchy paired with on-brand graphics can elevate your messaging and help people to easily navigate your event. A small detail, but something that can really improve the experience for attendees.

Event Branding

Creating bespoke branding for your event is an effective way to increase awareness amongst your target audience. Event branding is more than just a logo, it’s the brand colours, patterns, fonts, and other identifiable features linked to your event that make it instantly recognisable. It conveys character, values, personality and so much more. Your branding should be used consistently across social media platforms, print material, presentation slides and any marketing collateral to create a consistent brand experience before, during and after your event.

Sign-up page layout

Your website sign-up page is one of the first points of contact for your audience before your event and directly impacts the process of your audience signing up to your event. Eye-catching, on-brand visuals paired with well great user experience design can help to create an engaging and seamless brand experience from the get-go. A well thought out sign-up page can be the difference between someone signing up to your event, or not.


Want people to find out about your event? Graphic design plays a huge role in elevating marketing messaging and capturing the attention of audiences. Whether it’s leaflet design, posters or website assets, effective design can help to increase awareness and engage potential attendees.

Social Media Graphics

High quality social media marketing assets can help to maintain brand consistency across social media posts, increasing brand recognition and attracting target audiences. Social media users are notorious for having short attention spans and are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages daily. Using your event branding consistently across social media and creating high-quality, engaging graphics and social posts can be a great way to break through the noise and get your event noticed.

26 / 02 / 2024

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