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Transport Focus are the independent transport user watchdog. Their mission is to get the best deal for passengers and road users. An important strategy for bus companies across the UK is to increase the young people using the bus. Following the publication of their research we facilitated five workshops across the UK to help bus companies consider how they get more young people onto buses.

  • 05/02/2018
  • Transport Focus

The Challenge

Young people are the largest group of people using the bus. Yet despite the importance of bus to young people we know from the Bus Passenger Satisfaction Survey that they are the least satisfied group of passengers. For this important group, there is a clear challenge to government, bus operators and local authorities to make the bus better for young people. Several bus operators and local authorities have seized the opportunity by introducing initiatives to improve their service and encourage young people to make more bus trips.

The Solution

Transport Focus commissioned a piece of extensive research with young people to enable them to understand their wants and needs. This research generated some really interesting feedback and a great understanding of what could get more young people onto buses. BA Events were then asked by Transport Focus to help deliver a series of five workshops across the UK asking the industry “what are you doing or planning to do to make bus a better choice for young people”. Transport Focus wanted to do this in an engaging way, not just sharing the outputs of the report, but inviting the local authorities and bus companies to discuss best practice and ideas for improvements.

The Events

We carefully looked across the UK to decide the geographical spread of the events. We decided to ensure we have as many bus operators from different owning groups involved we would deliver an event in Birmingham, Colchester, Exeter, Oxford and York. We carefully worked as a team to identify a clear plan of objectives of what we wanted to achieve from the workshops. Once complete, we ran a test run to perfect our workshop approach. The workshops were successfully delivered across the UK within a month, with over 100 participants and 70 organisations represented.

The Results

The workshops were successfully delivered across the UK within a month, with over 100 participants and 70 organisations represented.

We produced a summary document which can be read on the Transport Focus website. At the time the video we produced was one of the highly engaged tweet on Twitter.

Louise CollinsSenior Stakeholder Manager - Transport Focus

BA Events injected fresh, creative thinking to the design of these workshops which was just what we wanted. They worked closely and collaboratively with us on the planning stages to ensure everything went smoothly. We were particularly impressed by the professional facilitation of the events which put delegates at ease to get the best contribution from them. Overall, working with BA Events helped us to make these workshops a real success.

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