New Stations Programme Team Away Day


The West Midlands Rail Programme is a partnership of organisations delivering a major investment in improved and new stations in the West Midlands. Their vision: 'Transforming lives - working together to deliver stations that connect people with places'. We were asked to run a team away with one simple goal - to create 'one team with one dream'.

  • 05/12/2018
  • West Midlands Rail Programme

The Challenge

There is a rail revolution taking place in the West Midlands. This includes a £200 million investment in improved and new stations. To deliver such an ambitious programme requires collaboration. The West Midlands Rail Programme team has been pulled together including West Midlands Trains, West Midlands Rail Executive, Transport for West Midlands, Network Rail and their delivery partner the SLC-AECOM joint venture.

The team was made up of 50 people all from different organisations, with different cultures, employment contracts and ways of working. But, to make the Rail Programme a success they need to work together as a team to deliver a transformation change to customers.

The Solution

We worked up a plan to bring the whole team closer together. We wanted to enable those close relationships to be built which are going to be so important for when the team face big challenges together during the construction of the new stations. It was also important to give the team an opportunity on this day to be reminded of the vison and feel that they are part of achieving that vision.

The Team Away Day

We started off the team away day with a vision session. In this session the team had the opportunity for hear from their Director for Rail about the vision for rail in the West Midlands. In this the team discussed how the rail programme fits into a major transport investment programme in the West Midlands.
We then delivered team building activities which included a scavenger hunt, a getting to know each other game and an ideas brainstorm.
Following the event, we took the team out for a team dinner and social.

The Results

Following the event, the team set-up a co-working space in Birmingham city centre so the team could work together in the same place on the delivery of the rail programme. The results of this was a team working much more collaboratively together to overcome challenges.

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