Grand Railway Collaboration Away Day


The GRC Away Day was a highly anticipated event, where rail industry professionals from across the West Midlands united to share, innovate, and shape the future of customer service excellence. Over the years, attendees have described it as a transformative experience, igniting excitement for the possibilities within the rail industry. From fostering collaboration to celebrating individual and collective achievements, this event is a testament to the wealth of talent and dedication across the rail industry.

  • 30/05/2024
  • West Midlands Grand Railway Collaboration

The Vision

The GRC Away Day event aimed to bring together key stakeholders from various train operating companies as well as other stakeholders such as Network Rail to discuss pressing industry issues, share best practices, and foster collaboration.

The goal was to create a memorable and engaging experience that would not only inform but also inspire the delegates. TeamBA, as an events and media company, envisioned an event that was meticulously planned and executed, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Our mission was to manage every aspect of the event, from initial invitations to post-event follow-ups, thereby allowing the GRC team to focus on their core objectives without worrying about the logistics.

The Journey

Planning and Preparation

TeamBA’s involvement began with the conceptualisation phase, where we collaborated closely with the GRC team to understand their goals and expectations. Our Graphic Designer, Libby, played a crucial role in creating a cohesive and appealing visual identity for the event. She designed a ‘golden ticket’ invitation, which was sent out to all delegates, setting the tone for an exclusive and exciting event. Additionally, she built a comprehensive landing page that included all necessary information about the event, pictures from previous years, and a link for sign-ups.

Event Management

As delegates signed up, we managed all email communications, including confirmations and follow-ups, ensuring that attendees were well-informed and engaged. Our team also handled the venue logistics, ensuring that all necessary arrangements were in place for a smooth event day. We designed a consistent and professional slide deck that aligned with the GRC’s branding, which was used throughout the event.

Multimedia and Engagement

Our Videographer, Mike, created a captivating film that was showcased during the event. This film included interviews with key individuals discussing the GRC’s impact and their expectations for the Away Day. It served as an engaging film that set the stage for one of the day’s main themes. Additionally, Mike was present to capture the event, including a group picture and various moments throughout the day. This footage was later used to create an impactful summary video, encapsulating the highlights and key takeaways of the event.

On-the-Day Coordination

On the day of the event, we managed the registration of delegates and ensured that the audiovisual (AV) setup was flawless. Our in-house host, Ben, played a pivotal role in organising and moderating the panel discussions with Managing Directors from different TOCs. His energetic and professional demeanour kept the event on track and maintained high energy levels throughout the day.

The Impact

The GRC Away Day was a resounding success, thanks to the creativity, meticulous planning, and execution by TeamBA. The seamless coordination and engaging multimedia elements left a lasting impression on the delegates.

The feedback from the GRC team and the attendees was overwhelmingly positive.

The end-to-end management by TeamBA not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, resulting in a highly satisfied client and a blueprint for future successful events.

Tara WalshHead of Grand Railway Collaboration

I have to say, every step of the way, they’ve been with me. All of the support from the media, the creation, making sure our agenda was flowing, on-day support, running the event. I feel like I’ve had so much support from the beginning to the end of the event which has just been amazing.

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