Enhancing Accessibility and Inclusion at Greater Anglia


Greater Anglia is a train operator delivering passenger rail services across Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, London and Hertfordshire.

  • 25/10/2022
  • Greater Anglia


Greater Anglia want to enhance the customer experience of disabled and older passengers across its 134 stations and on their trains. After working on a series of successful projects together, Greater Anglia commissioned BA Events and Rennie Consulting to design, manage and deliver an engaging e-learning refresher course that would support all colleagues in the business to better serve all customers.


BA Events and Rennie Consulting partnered with Greater Anglia to develop a bespoke e-learning course to address regulatory requirements and their specific goals. To ensure a comprehensive and engaging training experience, the following steps were taken:

Planning: BA Events and Rennie Consulting produced a detailed project plan and content plan simultaneously to ensure the training would meet Greater Anglia’s learning outcomes, within logistical parameters in a cost-efficient way.

Involvement of customer-facing teams: To ensure that the course was engaging and valuable, front-line colleagues starred in scenarios to demonstrate key customer service skills and showcase best practice.

Involvement of business leaders: To drive consistency and reinforce the business’ commitment to inclusive behaviours, interviews with directors and heads of departments explain key concepts to delegates and why they matter.

Involvement of disabled customers and colleagues: Disabled customers and colleagues join staff to film scenarios, as well explain key concepts such as the social model of disability.

High-quality filmed materials: BA Events created high-quality filmed materials, including acted scenarios and interviews, to deliver engaging and relevant content.

Interactive SCORM learning file: This training content was seamlessly slotted into Greater Anglia’s e-learning platform. The included a variety of learning activities, such as quizzes, interactive scenarios and polls to keep the training experience engaging and interactive.

Ethical and inclusive practices: BA Events and Rennie Consulting took responsibility for authenticity, transparency and accessibility during the production process, particularly for disabled participants.


The e-learning course was well-received by Greater Anglia’s colleagues and provided them with knowledge, understanding and skills to enhance both the accessibility of services, and inclusive workplace practices.

James BonehillAccessibility & Inclusion Manager - Greater Anglia

It has been a genuine pleasure to work with BA Events and Rennie Consulting on the design and delivery of our refresher training. Filming in a live railway environment with frontline teams is always a challenge, but the skill and patience of this team ensured that the final product is slick, professional and, most importantly, emphasises the importance of delivering fantastic service to all our customers, no matter what their personal circumstances are.

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