4 things to think about when reviewing your event

It always amazes us how many people don’t take time in reviewing their event to take stock. The running of an event can take days of time but why do people not look back at what went well and what could have been done better?


Here are our 4 things to think about when reviewing your event.


Signups and attendees

Firstly, how many people signed up for the event? Did your event receive more sign-ups than you expected or less. It is always interesting to think about why you may have received less or more than expected. It could be due to the list of stakeholders you invited, the sign-up process or maybe the speaker line up for your event.

However, registrations for an event are not what matters – attendees are most important. How many people took the time to come along to your event?


Engagement throughout the day

An important thing to look back on is the engagement throughout the day from your event attendees. For online events you can measure engagement through the amount of people watching certain sections of the day and for in-person events it could be the questions that certain sections of the day generated.


Maximising the outputs

One of the things to always think about during an event is how the outputs can be used after the event. As part of your wash-up take time to think about how you can get most value from videos captured, data captured through polls or how discussions/questions that were generated can be moved forward.


Feedback received

The final thing to look at as part of your wrap-up is the feedback you received. We are all familiar with a post event survey for event attendees but why not send a similar survey to speakers, sponsors and anyone else involved in organising the event.


If you’d like to talk to us more about our project and event review sessions, feel free to get in touch!

14 / 07 / 2022

4 things to think about when reviewing your event

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