Team away days are a great opportunity for colleagues to bond, collaborate and have fun together. They are essential for building strong relationships, improving team morale, and increasing productivity. When planning an away day, it is crucial to consider the type of activities that will appeal to everyone and help achieve your desired outcomes. In this article, we will discuss four types of activities that are suitable for team away days: physical, getting to know each other, solving challenges, and wellbeing.

1. Physical Away Day Activities

Physical exercises are a great way to get everyone up and moving. They also provide an opportunity to bond, create memories and have a lot of fun. Popular options for physical activities include sports, obstacle courses, or hikes. These activities not only help to improve physical health but also boost teamwork, communication, and leadership skills.

2. Foster Strong Relationships

Away days are a perfect opportunity to break down barriers and build relationships. A great way to achieve this is through doing something social that help colleagues get to know each other better. For example, eating together, getting involved in a volunteer activity or a community event. These provide a relaxed atmosphere to get to know each other better.

3. Solving Challenges Activities

Solving challenges are a great way to improve problem-solving and teamwork skills. They also provide an opportunity for everyone to use their strengths to work together to achieve a common goal. Some popular solving challenges for away days include team building puzzles, escape rooms, or team-building workshops. It gets the mind working and engaged rather than giving people the death-by-PowerPoint approach. These activities help build confidence, improve communication, and strengthen bonds between leaders and their people.

4. Wellbeing Activities

Wellbeing exercises are a great way to help team members relax, recharge, and improve their mental health. These activities can include walking, team yoga, meditation, or mindfulness exercises. They not only provide an opportunity for team members to take a break and recharge, but also help to reduce stress and increase mental clarity.

Team away days are a great way to bring people together and improve team morale. By including a mix of physical, social, problem-solving, and wellbeing activities, you can create an enjoyable and meaningful experience for everyone.

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28 / 02 / 2023

4 Activities to get the most out of your Away Day

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