Event Retainer

Event Retainer

Event Retainer

Is it part of your strategy to run more events in your organisation? Perhaps more internal events to support with staff wellbeing? Maybe events to engage with your stakeholders and promote your brand? We have experience working with clients to manage their annual event programme, helping them to get maximum results from their events. Our goal is to make your events engaging, interesting and achieve your event strategy.


We are your outsourced events team. We manage your event schedule, production and delivery. We can oversee all your internal and external events to ensure they are successful. The running of great events takes resource – if you need help, we are here for you.

Event Strategy

We will work with you to think about how events can form part of your wider strategy. This could include how events fit into your internal communications plan or your external marketing/engagement strategy.

Event Scheduling

We will help you schedule your events for the year, looking at the most optimum time to run specific events.

Event Production

We will take charge of all event logistics – ensuring all the pieces are put together for your event. This includes briefing speakers, planning venue/webinar logistics, creating all event resources and arranging event hosts/speakers.

Event Delivery

We will deliver your event for you ensuring everything runs smoothly. We can also provide a host for your events or you can use an internal event host.

Event Review

Following each event, we will ask for feedback both from delegates and the team involved in organising the event. This is important to ensure we are achieving the objectives outlined in your strategy.

  • Event Strategy
  • Event Scheduling
  • Event Production
  • Event Delivery
  • Event Review
Tracy Stevenson Community Development Assistant - ScotRail

Needing to move our event online this year posed a challenge for us, thankfully a colleague introduced us to BA Events. From that first introduction, we were comfortable that Luke and Ben understood our vision for the event and the sentiment we wished to convey to our volunteers and partners. There are extremely knowledgeable about the use of online platforms, taking time with us to explain the process and the benefits of different aspects of the system made the decision process much easier. Their passion and enthusiasm towards helping us to host this event is the reason the event was a huge success.

Fay Easton and Vicky Cropper-Clarke Head's of Stakeholder and Community

Working with BA Events brings extra people to your Team.  We always love our time in planning meetings with Luke as he takes the time to understand what we want our audience to take from the experience.  Both Ben and Luke understand how much we value time spent with our Stakeholders & Communities and they share our visions, bringing endless inspiration creativity and can-do spirit to the planning and delivery.  Virtual events have been a revelation this year and attendees have loved the content which has been enhanced by advance video footage and superb event hosting on the day. Event attendees know they are truly valued because of the care invested in the delivery of these events and we are endlessly grateful to these young entrepreneurs for the passion they invest in their craft.

Louise Collins Senior Stakeholder Manager - Transport Focus

BA Events injected fresh, creative thinking to the design of these workshops which was just what we wanted. They worked closely and collaboratively with us on the planning stages to ensure everything went smoothly. We were particularly impressed by the professional facilitation of the events which put delegates at ease to get the best contribution from them. Overall, working with BA Events helped us to make these workshops a real success.

Jon Harris Integrated Transport and Accessibility Manager - West Midlands Trains

The process really worked well. By coming together in this way we were able to define objectives and get everyone sharing a common vision about the ‘Stations as Places’ programme – and importantly form a strong bond of collaboration and a keenness to share and work together to develop the best solution. We were very pleased with the way in which  BA Events helped to independently manage and facilitate the session.

Fay Easton Head of Stakeholder and Community - West Midlands Trains

I would whole heartedly recommend this company. Their support has been priceless, their approach to their business is amazing and they care for your company. BA Events become part of your team.

Sam Uren Engineering Director - SLC Rail

BA Events are unique, inventive and dynamic. They provided SLC Rail with an Away Day with a difference. Staff feedback was exceptional. Thank you BA Events.

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