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Eco Events

Socially Conscious Events -

At BA Events, we deliver impact, but when it comes to the planet and being socially responsible, we are constantly trying to reduce our impact to make the world a better place.

Our Commitment

It is important that we protect the planet and the people that live here. These are the commitments you can expect from us.

Commitment 1:

Paper free events

We will be rapidly working to change the behaviours about the use of paper at events. We will encourage the use of QR codes to enable delegates to access event resources online. We will also be asking delegates the format they would like event materials, to ensure that delegates requiring particular colour contrasts have their access needs met.

Commitment 2:

No single use Plastic

We will be ensuring event resources are recyclable and we will be cutting down on single use plastic at events. We will be writing this requirement into venue specifications.

Commitment 3:

Free sustainable journey planning

We will be offering sustainable journey planning tools within our event information for all event delegates to get to our venues. We will be encouraging delegates to use public transport, cycle and walk to our events.

Commitment 4:

Reducing food waste by not over-catering

We will be working hard as part of our marketing and in the registration process to ensure our delegate numbers are accurate and the right amount of food is available on the day. Wherever possible we will also give any left-over food to homeless people in the local area.

Commitment 5:

Increasing natural light

Natural light allows you to concentrate and stay awake much more than artificial lighting. We will write into all of our venue specifications that natural lighting is required to cut down on the use of electricity.

Commitment 6:

Reducing meat & dairy foods

Avoiding meat and dairy products is one of the most effective to reduce our environmental impact, we will increase our non-meat and dairy-free food options at events.

Commitment 7:

Using small and local suppliers for our events

This both allows us to help new start-ups, social enterprises and smaller businesses, but also reduces the distance our suppliers travel, cutting down on emissions.

Commitment 8:

Accessible for All

We will ensure all venues we work with are accessible and wherever there are barriers to the venue a solution is identified that does not exclude anyone.

Commitment 9:

Being empathetic when providing support

We will train our staff and expect venues to train staff to be empathetic and confident when providing assistance to delegates with all types of accessibility needs.

Commitment 10:

We will create a quiet room at our events

Events can be overwhelming so having a quiet room creates a comfortable space.

Commitment 11:

We will educate

We will adapt and evolve our commitments as we learn, we will also use our events during the planning, on the day and post event to educate our delegates about how they can be more socially conscious.

Fay Easton and Vicky Cropper-Clarke Head's of Stakeholder and Community

Working with BA Events brings extra people to your Team.  We always love our time in planning meetings with Luke as he takes the time to understand what we want our audience to take from the experience.  Both Ben and Luke understand how much we value time spent with our Stakeholders & Communities and they share our visions, bringing endless inspiration creativity and can-do spirit to the planning and delivery.  Virtual events have been a revelation this year and attendees have loved the content which has been enhanced by advance video footage and superb event hosting on the day. Event attendees know they are truly valued because of the care invested in the delivery of these events and we are endlessly grateful to these young entrepreneurs for the passion they invest in their craft.

Andrew Penn Director - Penn Studio

We have been a supplier to BA Events for over 3 years. In that time we have supported the BA Events team in a range of different ways including designing and printing event materials, developing high converting event landing pages and creating eye-catching visuals following events. We enjoy working with BA Events because they give us the freedom to be creative and try new things.

Louise Collins Senior Stakeholder Manager - Transport Focus

BA Events injected fresh, creative thinking to the design of these workshops which was just what we wanted. They worked closely and collaboratively with us on the planning stages to ensure everything went smoothly. We were particularly impressed by the professional facilitation of the events which put delegates at ease to get the best contribution from them. Overall, working with BA Events helped us to make these workshops a real success.

Rachel Evans Stakeholder Engagement Manager (Interim) - West Midlands Rail Executive

We commissioned BA Events because from the outset they got fully immersed into understanding what the GRC wanted to achieve from this event. They demonstrated professionalism and commitment at every stage to maximise benefits and outcomes for both the GRC and event stakeholders. BA Events were pivotal to making the event a very successful GRC launch and the proof was in the electric and positive atmosphere on the day. The after event care by BA Events was also brilliant.

Lucy Hill Programme Support Officer at Transport for West Midlands

I can absolutely recommend BA Events; they did a brilliant job designing and hosting our virtual away day and we’re very pleased with the results! Their approach was thoughtful, fun and engaging – a real pleasure to work with.

Tracy Stevenson Community Development Assistant - ScotRail

Needing to move our event online this year posed a challenge for us, thankfully a colleague introduced us to BA Events. From that first introduction, we were comfortable that Luke and Ben understood our vision for the event and the sentiment we wished to convey to our volunteers and partners. There are extremely knowledgeable about the use of online platforms, taking time with us to explain the process and the benefits of different aspects of the system made the decision process much easier. Their passion and enthusiasm towards helping us to host this event is the reason the event was a huge success.

Checkout our latest Product brochure new for 2021 Free Download
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