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West Midlands Railway Virtual Conference


West Midlands Railway are the rail franchise operating the local rail services in the West Midlands. They carry thousands of customers every day around the region connecting people and businesses.

  • 17/06/2020
  • West Midlands Railway


Multiple times per year West Midlands Railway run conferences as an opportunity to speak to their stakeholders. These events are invaluable for West Midlands Railway to speak to the communities they serve.

However, because of Coronavirus there was no way of running a physical face to face conference.

We were asked to run a virtual conference for West Midlands Railway. The objectives were:

1 – To make the whole process of signing up and engaging in the event simple

2 – To increase the total number of attendees at the event in comparison to a physical event

3 – To collect data and insight from attendees through interaction during the event


We worked with West Midlands Railway to deliver a virtual conference. Our starting point was understanding the objectives for the event. Once we understood the objectives and the programme of speakers, we then mapped out the interactivity of the event.

We created a high converting landing page for the event. This landing page included all event information and a simple registration form.

The event sign-up process could not have been simpler, with each registrant being given a web link for the conference. There were no downloads required.

In a week of promoting the event we had received more sign-ups than the previous event.

On the day of the event the simple event page interface led to impressive levels of engagement. The event was made up of live sections, all speakers were pre-recorded and a live Q&A.


This event was a huge success. We had 152 people register to attend the event, with 111 people attending the event – a 73% attendance rate. The event was a 2-hour event with a 10-minute break half the way through – 71% of the attendees watched the full event.

The feedback we received from the delegates was that the web conference interface was intuitive, easy to use and allowed them to feel listened too.

Fay EastonHead of Stakeholder and Community - West Midlands Trains

I would whole heartedly recommend this company. Their support has been priceless, their approach to their business is amazing and they care for your company. BA Events become part of your team.

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