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SLC are specialists in developing third-party rail schemes on behalf of local authorities and developers. They have around 90 members of staff who are based in the West Midlands and in the North.

  • 01/01/2020
  • SLC Rail

The Challenge

As a growing business, events are an important part of the SLC internal communications strategy. They are used as a way of educating the team through lunch and learns, providing an opportunity to boost staff morale through social events and providing company information through regular business updates. But underlining all of this — events are important for wellbeing and ensuring the team feel connected.

Throughout 2020 BA Events were asked to support SLC deliver regular events for their team. This was important as everyone in the business was working from home as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and they needed opportunities to come together in a more structured manner.

The Solution

We worked with the internal communications team at SLC to create a programme of events for 2020. These events were focused on professional development, health and wellbeing, company information, corporate social responsibility and culture. The events were regular and we provided an opportunity through the company intranet for the team to suggest event ideas. The BA team provided support by establishing suitable speakers, setting the events up internally, marketing the events, hosting the events and making sure the technology worked for everyone to interact.

We ran a total of 52 events throughout the year. This resulted in 38 hours’ worth of content that can now be used for new starters to the business or people that want to refresh their knowledge on something we covered in one of our internal events.
As part of this, we also ran the ‘SLC Stay Day’ which was an opportunity for everyone in the business to get together for an annual company update, an opportunity for break-out groups – but also some fun and entertainment!

The Result

In a year where everyone was isolated working from home, SLC were able to use events as a way of connecting and engaging their team. This was a really important part of their internal communications and engagement.

Sam UrenEngineering Director - SLC Rail

We’ve worked with BA Events for many years and we’re always impressed with Luke’s creativity, enthusiasm and drive. 2020 was a difficult year where we had to adapt our organisation quickly to remote working and introduce new digital tools and technologies. What has made this easier for us was working with a company like BA Events, who consistently came up with ideas to increase employee engagement and has made it possible for us to run our events schedule online. Luke has enabled us to keep the SLC culture alive and stay connected with each other.

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