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The WMRP is West Midlands Rail Executive’s active investment programme to deliver new stations and services. Key market drivers to this programme include rail devolution, commitments in the West Midlands Railway new franchise, the Commonwealth Games 2022 and HS2.

  • 12/10/2020
  • West Midlands Rail Programme

The Challenge

The West Midlands Rail Programme is made up of multiple stakeholders including West Midlands Railway, Network Rail, the delivery partner SLC Aecom and their construction contractors. It is important that any team of this nature with representatives from different organisations with different goals and objectives all agree to a shared vision, underpinned by mutually agreed values and behaviours.

BA Events were asked by the Rail Programme Director to deliver a series of workshops to create and embed the vision, values and behaviours into the team of over 60 people. We were asked to do this during the Covid-19 pandemic which meant that everything would need to take place virtually.

The key objectives we were set for our piece of work were:

1 – To remind the team of the ‘one team vision’ approach for the rail programme

2 – To involve everyone in the team in the creation of the values and behaviours for the rail programme

3 – To produce a range of resources to launch the West Midlands Rail Programme Collaboration Charter

The Solution

We decided to arrange two online workshops to enable us to achieve these objectives. The first workshop was focused on generating ideas and thoughts around the values and behaviours for the rail programme and the second to launch the Collaboration Charter we created.

In the first workshop, we had a session focused on the vision. This was an opportunity to think long term about the end goal. We then started to consider the shared values and behaviours that would be required to achieve this vision. To make this section of the workshop successful we used the joint experience of everyone in the room to start to identify what values and behaviours had made previous projects successful.

At the end of the first workshop, we had a series of ‘values and behaviour trees’. At the top of each tree was a value and the leaves of the trees were the behaviours.

We then took these outputs and produced a Collaboration Charter which explained how all of the partners would work together to achieve the vision.

At our second workshop, we launched this Collaboration Charter to the leadership team for the programme. We produced a video, a series of digital resources and also printed versions of the charter for people to have at home to ensure we embed the charter into the teams daily work.

We then used the second workshop to think about the work required following the feedback from a recent anonymous survey to ensure we achieve what we set-out in the collaboration charter.

The Results

As a result of our work, we were able to engage multiple organisations with different objectives into the process to create values and behaviours. The values and behaviours created will mean that when challenges face the team they will work through them together as a team in line with their values and behaviours.

We were also able to achieve this during a global pandemic – a time when bringing people and ideas together is made more difficult as a result of social distancing.

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